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Nabeela Yousaf

Renting Manual or Automatic Vehicle ~ pros and cons


When you rent a car, especially on a vacation, you will have independence and flexibility to move around as you like. However, you should be careful with your vehicle selection if you want to make the most of your time. For this, it would be good to consider factors such as automatic or manual (stick shift) drive, environmental friendliness, optional trappings such as child seat or GPS, and more. You can find some useful information below if you are having a hard time deciding on a manual or automatic car.

Renting Manual or Automatic Car Pros and Cons


Automatic cars are the most popular option for renters and with good reason, especially for first timers. There are lots of benefits to driving an automatic, but if you have experience with a stick shift you will know that they are fun to drive.

Manual Pros:

It will be more engaging to drive a manual.

You will have superior control, especially during the cold weather. You would control gears, which makes it a lot easier when it’s time to slow down/stop.

Manuals are more fuel efficient to drive, so you will use much less power.

The manual cars are not as popular as the automatics, which mean you can worry less about someone stealing your rental.

 Manual Cons:

It can be very uncomfortable for you to work the clutch constantly when driving a manual vehicle, especially if you’re driving in high-traffic areas. If you are doing this for a long time, you could experience pain in your joints and muscles.

You have to deal with an extra pedal and remove one hand from the wheel in order to shift gears when driving a manual.

It could take some time for you to learn how to drive a manual car. If this is your first time, you should not expect to just drive one of these rental cars off the lot.

 Automatic Pros:

An automatic usually gives a smoother ride and is less stressful to drive.

It will be a lot easier for you to drive an automatic because its transmission will do the shifting for you. This means no tedious shifting of gears in commuter traffic.

You are going to be more comfortable when driving one of the automatics because you only have to work with two pedals. You could also rest your left foot all of the time.

You can keep your two hands on the wheel of an automatic car, which adds more safety to your driving, especially if you are a new driver.

Automatic Cons:

If you are renting an automatic vehicle for long periods, then you should expect to do more maintenance.

When driving an automatic, you have to depend on the torque convertor in order to switch gears.

Hopefully, these renting manual or automatic car pros and cons will make it easier for you to choose the right vehicle.